Entity Manipulation

This is a puzzle game made for the LudumDare44 Compo 48hr 

Made by jcmonkey

*Warning for web version*

-the sound may get jarbled

-there may be input lag

-if the music skips bad just go to options and mute

-the downloadable version has no issues with lag, or sound jitter

Made with

Godot Game Engine

Inkscape (for all art)

Audacity (for all audio FX)

LMMS (for music)


Source.zip 13 kB
EntityManipulationWindows.zip 52 MB
EntityManipulationLinux.zip 54 MB
EntityManipulation.zip 54 MB


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Fun game. Took me a bit to realize what I was doing, because there was no explicit mention that adding a token also increments the adjacent tokens. Got through six of the levels.

As far as the scoring goes, I felt like it would have been better to have some sort of rating system rather than show the remaining health. Much more satisfying to see five star completion rather than "60/75."

I feel like a randomized mode could have been fairly easy to make, since all you'd need to do is do x iterations of adding a random # to a random square.

Music definitely got a bit repetitive, loop was a bit too short.