Made for Ludumdare 42

Theme Running out of space

 Engine: Godot
 Art: Aseprite
 Sound: Audacity, BFXR
 Music: Bosca Ceoil

Had a hard time with this theme initially, but i kept moving on and came up with this game.

The theme fits in with the storage mechanic of the game.

You have to keep deliverying packages or else new deliverys will overflow your storage and you will get fired.

The best browser to work with the game in my experience is FireFox

-How To Play

WASD or ARROR KEYS to move character
SPACE to pick up package at pick up
SPACE to then drop package

Avoid cars and other things, you only get 3 lives
when you get a package drop it off at the target bay to get a score if you drop it on the ground, or not on the target bay you get a failed score

check your tracker900 in the bottom right corner

deliverys come every 45 seconds to drop off a random amount of packages

when you pick up a package, you will see the target bay show in the upper left area
success - number of successfull deliverys
failed - number of failed deliverys

storage - try to keep this below 30

-win condition:
 deliver as many packages as you can

-lose conditions:
  you lose 3 lives  
 you fail 20 times
 you run out of space in your storage, which is more then 30


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withGodot
Tagsld42, ldjam, ludumdare42


Download 13 kB
Delivery Boi 21 MB
Delivery Boi 22 MB
Delivery Boi 36 MB


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yea this game isn't working for me. just the sound is working.

needs to be run in firefox, it wont work in chrome, and in some instances wont run in some browsers on mac