This game is best used with firefox

Due to particles lagging the WEBGL i had to remove them

Made for the weeklygamejam 54

Theme amnesia

This game helps stimulate brain activity

StatusIn development
Made withGodot
Tagsweeklygamejam, wgjam


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Nice, simple concept, realized in a nice way. :)
I like those sounds and faces. ^^

I guess it really does help to stimulate brain activity, kind of clever puzzle game. Or at least it does stimulate, if you want to clear more than one red cube with a single shot. On top of that it has nice, energetic music and the visual style has a bit of that classic feel to it.

I'd like to invite this game to compete in our Game Development World Championship!

yeah sure, i was thinking about revising some things to it, since i can only do particle effects for the ball in a downloadable version. do you have a website with entry rules and such?

Yes, we have: There you can find the rules and the way to enter. Thanks for your interest!